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Detail Of Nail Making Machine

Nail Making Machine Detail

Complete Details of Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine.

1. What is Wire Nail Making Machine?:

Wire Nail Making Machine Can Produce Different type of Coil Nail in one machine with high Speed and Low Maintenance.

2. Which type of Raw Material ca used in Nail Making Machine?:

Generally you can use ms and coil material to produce wire nail some people are also use galvanized wire or other steel use to manufacturers Nail.

3. What is Speed of Nail Making Machine?:

Well its depend on customer that which type of Nail Making Machine Model Choose it generally Nail Making Machine Speed is 350 Nail Per Minute. It means you can Produce 500 Kg Nail if you’re Nail Making Machine working 8 hour in a day.

4. Which type of Wire Nail Size Produce in Nail Making Machine?:

In this Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine you can manufacture to 6 Inch Nail in One machine

5. How Much Power Required Starting a Wire Nail Making Machine?:

If you want to start to produce wire nail you have required 3 HP Motor to start Production of Wire Nail.

6. What is Case Size of Nail?:

It is 1315 x 1120 x 1130

7. How Much Weight of Wire Nail Machine?:

Wire Nail Machine Weight is 900 KG To 1500 KG As per our Different Model wise

8. Is it any other Machinery install to start a complete plant wire Nail?:

Yes, if you want to start a new plant To Manufacturing a Wire Nail You have first Wire Nail Machine Then Polishing Drum & Cutting grinder and Other Nail Parts Accessories.